Abrock Pest Management is the Originator of Gourmet Pest Management

What is Gourmet Pest Management?

Gourmet signifies something SPECIAL primarily in the food industry. We have brought that SPECIAL aspect into pest control.

We at Abrock Pest Management, design a special pest management program to fit your home and family. Many pest control companies just spray some chemicals. However, professional pest control requires more knowledge, more thinking, more observation, and more awareness.

Gourmet Pest Management requires using, the proper chemical, in the right amount, in the right formulation, in the right place. That chemical use is based upon the target pest, safety for family members including pets, and types of aesthetics in your home.

We use the right chemical in the right formulation in the right place to control the specific pests that have invaded your home. Chemical formulations that we use are liquid, granular, gel, and powder. We carry about 50 different chemicals, formulations or devices on each of our vans, so we can use the right ones.


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