Low Impact Pest Services

OUR ENVIRONMENT IS A PRECIOUS RESOURCE. Abrock Pest Management technicians work to find a solution to control your pest problem with the lowest possible impact to the environment.
WE CAN DO A LOW IMPACT PEST SERVICE USING NATURAL BASED PRODUCTS. We do the same comprehensive pest service using natural based products as our regular service. Many of the products used have been mentioned by Howard Garrett — The Dirt Doctor.
Products such as Niban, Boric Acid, Timbor, Terro, and some others have a natural borate salt as the active ingredient. Other bait products we use have Abamectin as the active ingredient, which is a natural fungus. All of these products are very effective at controlling insects.
GREEN SERVICE IS FOR THOSE WHO WANT A MORE NATURAL SOLUTION. This means you will have more beneficial pests, such as Green Lace Wings, Praying Mantis, Geckos, and Non-Poisonous Spiders.
We are careful during your service to not harm your beneficial insects or the organic environment that you have created.
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