Abrock Pest Management takes immense pride in our attention to detail. From corners to closets, you can be assured that your pest problem will be taken care of by our friendly and knowledgeable service representatives.

Our Deluxe Pest Management Service includes both inside and outside for one affordable price. Our services include:

Treat corners in each room for spiders & other insects

Treat dark areas for spiders and other insects

Inject pesticides under baseboards where applicable

Treat window sills

Place roach bait in cabinets and closets (Do not remove items from cabinets.)

Treat at pipe chases under sinks

Treat for insects in attic with granular bait

Treat inside garage

Place granular pesticide around exterior perimeter

Spray around foundation, windows and doors

Spray under eves

Dust weep holes when applicable

Bait yards for fire ants

Always inspecting inside & outside for Termites

"Thank you for coming out and taking care of my rodent problem & termites. It is so nice not to worry about finding a critter in the house"

s ~ Sherry, Lewisville, TX

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